Release Notes 2008-08-12

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  • There's a fancy new "What is Whirled" animation on the landing page: written, produced and directed by Brittney
  • New game over dialog (prettification coming)
  • Game invitation notifications are differently colored
  • You can now boot people from tables that you create
  • A bunch of UI prettification (and a bunch of uglification because some prettification is still in progress)
  • Improvements to the header shown when a Whirled or Game is embedded on a web page
  • Back button in upper left corner of client is fancy new back menu
  • Various improvements in the Share popup:
    • You can share Games and Whirleds now, not just Whirleds
    • You can enter friends' email addresses and we'll mail them a link
    • We also just show you the link you can use to Share a Game or Whirled however you like
  • Fixed the "full height" button
  • And a whole heap of other bug fixes (and probably some new bugs introduced, no doubt)

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