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"Welcome to Whirled! Invite your friends and tell people about it! Please bear with us, as there will be bugs and hiccups along the way during beta testing. Let us know what you think of Whirled on the Brave New Whirled Discussion Forums. Peas!"

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Whirled was created by Three Rings and recreated by Whirled Club into a social virtual world of player-created content. Please note, we have taken care in updating this Wiki, but for an up-to-date list of changes to our policies visit our rules. Unleash your creativity through games, avatars, rooms, music and more! Whirled brings together creator and audience in a blend of communities that is rewarding both socially and economically. It's your Whirled! You can be anything you want by being an artist, creator and player.

Whirled activity is based around social groups and the attention currency they produce and consume. Coins are generated by playing games with friends, noodling about with your profile page, or uploading new content. Purchasing content from the shop costs coins or bars, a cut of which goes to the creator of that content, and so on. That's what makes the Whirled go 'round!


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