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left‎ The Groups tab allows people with common interests to have a united area to gather, share and socialize in their own Groups. Group management is done by a group's managers.

Create a New Group


Go to the Groups tab and click on the "Make your own Group!" link in the text above the group lists.

Groups-New Group Options.png

Fill in the options as you desire and click on either the bar or coin payment button to create your Group. The Group name must be unique, you cannot choose a name of an already existing Group. All options, except for the Group name, can be edited after creation of the Group via the "Edit this Group" link seen when viewing the Group. For more information, read group management.

Join Group Chat for a Group

Icon-chat options.png Click on the chat options button to the left of your chat input on the bottom of your screen.

Chat options-popup.png

When the popup appears, move your mouse over the Groups selection to get a list of your Groups. Click on the Group's name to join that Group's group chat.

Find Your Groups

A list of the Groups you have joined can be found via the My Groups link in the Groups tab and in your Me tab profile.

Historical Notes

This tab was initially called the Groups tab and then was changed to Whirleds. The term changed back to Groups with Template:Release.