Release Notes 2008-07-09

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  • Fixed overflow of room names in side panel
  • Better reporting when a session is expired
  • New colors for the room backdrops
  • Improvements in studio viewer appearance and behavior
  • Fixed some untranslated chat text
  • Fixed incorrect score reporting in party games with one player
  • Visual improvements to the "All Games" and game genre pages
  • Minor changes to landing page
  • Studio viewer is now also used for furniture and toys
  • Minor change to "My Whirleds" page
  • /afk is no longer modal, use /back to reverse it
  • Search for empty string in catalog now clears filters
  • Better usability of volume and zoom sliders
  • Popup friends list (see reply)
  • Removed notifications of friend logoffs
  • Player notifications now link to profile page
  • Fixed notification scroll bar
  • Fixed intermittent problem with blank landing page
  • SDK 0.30

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