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Furniture is any kind of object you can put in your room to decorate it. From chairs and tables to fireflies and planets, furniture comes in a limitless variety that can add more personality to a room. You can easily make your own or buy some from the shop.

Furniture can be more than just a picture in a room:

  • Some furniture has animation actions that happen when you click on it.
  • Some furniture has the ability to change color if you click on it.
  • Some furniture glows when your mouse is over it, showing that you can click on it to go somewhere or see something. A green glow means the door furniture will take you to another room. An orange glow means the furniture will open a new browser tab with a link such as the wiki or an outside website.

How to Get and Use Furniture

  1. Depending on where your furniture is, there are different options: Add to room, Take from room, and Move to room.
    Choose Shop -> Furniture to find something you like.
  2. Click to take a closer look at the many pieces of player-made furniture. Click on one you like and buy it! If you don't have enough coins yet, play some games to earn enough.
  3. To use your new furniture, choose Stuff -> Furniture and click the little house to put it in your room.
  4. Click the close box to close your inventory and return to your room.
  5. The room will be in editing mode. Check out the edit your room tutorial to see how you can resize and rearrange your new furniture.

If you don't have enough to buy the furniture you want in the shop, you can purchase bars or play games for coins until you have enough.

View Furniture in a Room

You can view a list of all the furniture, toys, launchers, images, videos, and backdrops in a room by clicking on the Room icon Icon-room control.png in the control bar and selecting the "View items" option. A popup will appear with a list of the items present in the room. Using the popup you can see a list of the item names and usage in the room (backdrop, doorway, furniture, game). There are clickable buttons to view items available in the store or bleep and unbleep them.

Room-items in this room.png

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