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This is what a group page looks like when viewed by a manager.

Groups have managers that have special group management access. If you create a group, you are automatically added as a manager.

Managing the Group

The group editing screen.

To manage the group, click on the "Edit this group" link. Please note that group names cannot be changed.

From here you can change:

  • Policy
    • Public* - the group will be visible in the Groups tab and anyone will be able to become a member
    • Invitation Only - the group will be visible in the Groups tab, but membership is by manager invitation only (through the member management interface)
    • Exclusive - the group will not be visible in the Groups tab unless the viewer is a member of the group and membership is by manager invitation only (through the member management interface)
  • Who can start a party connected with the group
    • Members*
    • Managers
  • Who can start a discussion thread
    • Anyone
    • Members*
    • Managers
  • Who can post replies to threads
    • Anyone*
    • Members
    • Managers
  • Upload or select a logo
  • Headline - A short motto or phrase that appears under the group name on its page
  • Homepage URL
  • Charter - A longer description where you can discuss the purpose and/or membership of the group
  • Shop Browse Type - The type of item that your group's shop will initially view when opened
  • Shop tag - The item tag that is related to your group, used as a search term to create your group's shop
  • Group tags - Add tags or remove them (click on the tag to get the removal menu). This box is not present if your group is Exclusive.

* = These are the default options when creating a new group.

Managing Group Rooms

The room management screen.

To manage the group's rooms, click on the "Manage Rooms" link. From this screen you will be able to see what rooms belong to the group and also use the dropdown menu to select a room to give to the group. Transferring your room to a group will allow any manager of that group to edit the room. The room will be removed for your rooms list and added to the group. You cannot transfer your current home room.

Remember that giving a room to a group cannot be undone.

If you wish to make a different group room the group hall, go to that room, edit the room and set it as home.

Managing Group Members

The member management screen.

To manage the members of a group, click on the "see all" link at the end of the Members bar of the group page. The main area of the page will then show a list of the members in descending order of who was logged on most recently. Next to each member's name and picture there are links that allow you to promote/demote managers and remove members of the group.

Make sure you trust the players you promote as managers because they will be able to edit the group, delete posts, manage the medals, create other managers and remove members from the group.

You cannot demote or remove managers that joined the group earlier than you. If you leave and rejoin the group, you lose your seniority and will not have the power to demote or remove managers who have an earlier group join date than yours. There is currently no way to find out a member's group joining date.

From this screen, you can also use the "Invite Someone to Join" button to send an invitation to join the group. Invitations can only be sent to players that are on your friends list.

Group managers can also create a brand by giving shares to group members, who are then considered to be brand shareholders. Read more about brands here.

Managing Medals

If you are a manger of a group, you can create and award medals. Remember: Once you give a player a medal, you cannot take it back. Only that player has the ability to delete the medal.

Create a Medal

The create medal interface is only available to group managers.

To create a medal, go to the group information page of the group you manage and want to add a new medal to. Click on the orange "View Medals" button and then click on the "add medals" link on the right.

  1. Click on the Name field and enter a name to identify your medal.
  2. Click the Choose Image button in Icon and select an image from your Stuff or upload an image from your computer. The icon image must be 80 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall.
  3. Click on the Description field and enter a description of your medal.
  4. Click on the submit button when you are done.

If you need to change or correct information or icons for your medals, view the medals in that group and click on the "Edit" link below the medal you wish to change. Any changes you submit will update medals that have already been given out.

Award Medals

The award medals interface is only available to group managers.

To award medals, go to the group information page of the group you manage. Click on the "Award Medals" link below the "Read Charter" link.

Type in all or part of the name of the member you wish to award a medal to and click on the "Find" button. A list of players with names that match will show up. If you leave the search text field blank and click on "Find," you will get a list of all the group members. Select which medal you want to award to which player, then click on the Award button next to them. You can only award one medal each time you press the button, so you will need to do it more than once if you are giving the member more than one medal.

Medal Awarding Tips

  • You can only award medals to players that are currently members of that group.
  • If there is more than one player with the name you're looking for, click on the player's name in the list in order to see their Profile page to make sure you pick the right person. You cannot remove a medal once you have awarded it.
  • You cannot award the same medal to a player more than once. If you try to, you will get this message: "That member has already received this medal."
  • You can fix medal descriptions and images after they have been awarded by editing them on your group medal page. All members with that medal will see the updated image and text.

Managing Posts

Managers are able to delete individual posts from threads. Managers cannot edit posts other than their own.

Managers can also use the "Edit Thread" button at the bottom of a thread to edit the subject/title and select whether the thread is an Announcement (thread shows up in the Announcements section of the Me tab for group members), a Sticky (thread stays at the top of the discussions list) or is Locked (no new posts allowed).

What Agent Equinox would see as a manager when viewing posts if Agent Vortex were just a member.
Edit Thread options.
Icon Function
Groups-discussion-back arrow.png Located at the top of threads, the back arrow will take you back to the previous page that you were viewing.
Groups-discussion-complain post.png Located at the top of posts you did not create, this icon allows you to complain about inappropriate posts that break the Terms of Service.
Groups-discussion-delete post.png Located at the top of posts you created, this icon allows you to delete your post.
Groups-discussion-edit post.png Located at the top of posts you created, this icon allows you to edit your post. A note will automatically be added at the bottom of the post stating on which date & time it was edited.
Groups-discussion-reply to post.png Located at the top of posts, this icon allows you to post a reply at the end of the thread.
Groups-discussion-reply with quote.png Located at the top of posts, this icon allows you to post a reply at the end of the thread with the post text quoted.

Managing a Group's Whirled

Main article: Create Whirleds

A Whirled is a themed group that allows the group managers to control what content (avatars, pets, etc.) is allowed in that group, what appears in the group's shop, and also allows some parts of the Whirled user interface to be changed. This is done by marking items. If you are the manager of a group, you can create & edit a themed Whirled for that group.

Managing a Group's Brand to Share Shop Profits

Main article: Brand

Groups can also be used to share creator profits by listing items and branding them with profits being divided among shareholders.