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The Stuff tab.

The Stuff tab contains information about items in your inventory.

If you are in a themed Whirled, you can only see items in your inventory that have been marked for use in that particular Whirled. Click on the Me tab and use the Icon-home.png home icon to return to your home room to exit the themed Whirled and you'll be able to see all of your stuff again.

In some cases, an item may be deleted because the item has been found to break Whirled's Terms of Service or Community Standards. When this happens you receive a Whirled mail about the item deletion. Read more about it at item deletion.


Stuff-my stuff.png

The Stuff tab is navigated using a menu with the different types of items that you can own.

From top to bottom:
Bullet.png Avatars - visual representations of players used when they are in rooms
Bullet.png Furniture - objects used to decorate rooms
Bullet.png Backdrops - backgrounds for rooms
Bullet.png Toys - interactive objects
Bullet.png Pets - interactive roaming objects
Bullet.png Games - for playing and adding to rooms; there are subcategories for level packs & item packs which are used to expand gameplay
Bullet.png Images - for using in Whirled posts, remixable items, and for decorating rooms
Bullet.png Music - for adding to rooms for background music
Bullet.png Videos - for adding to rooms

Sending Stuff to Friends

Main article: Mail

You can send items to friends by clicking on "Send as Gift" while viewing the item.

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