Steady Hand maze toy tutorial

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Flash Tutorial
Learn how to make a Steady Hand maze toy using Flash.
Difficulty Level
Icon-Flash.png Adobe Flash CS3, Whirled SDK
Other Information

This tutorial explains how to make a Steady Hand maze toy for Whirled using Flash.


Although Mr Burger did come up with the idea for Whirled versions of these, he does not mind if you make your own and sell them. If he did mind, he wouldn't spend all this time making a tutorial.

Please do NOT copy this to another website without giving Mr Burger credit, as Mr Burger gave up his free time for this.

Also, the example used in this is available in the shop.[1]

Anyway, Let me start by explaining these fun little things: These simple toys are fun, easy to make, and good for practice for new Flash users. So how do I make them, you ask? Read the rest of this article for your answer.

How To Make

1. The first thing you will need to do is draw whatever shape you want the maze to be. Tutorial1.jpg

2. You will need to listen very carefully at this step: Select the Eraser tool (IT HAS TO BE ERASER) and draw out your path on the shape. Tutorial2.jpg

3. Then press Ctrl+A to select everything. Now press F8, and convert that into a BUTTON. (Not graphic or movie clip.) Call it something that will make it easy to remember, like maze. Tutorial3.jpg

4. Double click on the new symbol. You will come to a strange interface, with one layer, and in the frames area, 4 headings: Up, Over, Down and Hit. Create keyframes under all of them. We don't need to worry about Up or Hit, as Up is the default state, and Hit is the area the toy will say are walls.

Go now to Over. Select everything that is in Over, and deleat it. Now right a message, or draw a picture, or both, telling the player that they lost.

In Down, you can do what ever you want. I tend to make it say: "Oi! Don't click me!" I don't really know why, but hey. Tutorial4.jpg

5. And that is it! You have a basic Steady Hand Maze!

Finishing Touches

Of course, If you want it to be a harder game, you can animate it. Just a warning, do NOT do this inside the button. Exit back to scene 1, and create how-ever many keyframes. More for a slower animation, less for a quick one. Then just move it a bit inside one key-frame, maybe another, or what ever. Tween it, and see if you like it. If you don't, change it.

How To Get It Onto Whirled

Bravo. You should be proud. You just made a little toy! Now, publish it. Then go to Whirled. Go to Me, then My Toys, then down the bottom: Upload. Upload the SWF, then feel free to sell it!