Release Notes 2009-05-09

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Holy Tiny Mackeral Limps, what a mess Template:Release notes/start Greetings fair Whirled members,

These updates are not the updates you are looking for. Please move along...

The update yesterday afternoon was to fix Facebook trophy publishing, but along with it came the seemingly innocuous removal of the flashing "Get Free Bars" text; it was concatenated with the "Invite Friends" text to form an extraordinarily unholy union; dastardly due to its lengthy length, causing the utmost dismay in the Internet Explorer user community, including those of both the 7 and 8 persuasions.

So this update has just returned that text to normal, but also includes some changes to the tweet copy. Cue sinister music. Just kidding that's not HTML so should be fine.

Enjoy the weekend, we sure will. Template:Release notes/end