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Trophies are rewards given to players for certain actions in games. Game creators can create trophies for their games to award players. Trophies for a particular game can be seen on the Trophies tab of the game info page. Note: Games can optionally hide the descriptions for certain trophies until the player has earned them.

Game designers wishing to put trophies in games should check out awarding trophies.

How to publish trophies on Facebook

After you exit a game where you just won one or more trophies, you will get a popup asking you if you would like to publish them to your Facebook feed:

Facebook-Publish Your Trophies.png

If you haven't connected your Whirled account to your Facebook account with Facebook Connect, you will get a popup asking you to either confirm your Facebook identity (shows up if you are logged into Facebook) or logon to Facebook.

Facebook Connect-popup.png

A published trophy in Facebook looks like this:

Cleaver shows off his Vampire Whirled trophy on Facebook.

You can also publish trophies to Facebook while playing a game. Just click on the game icon in the bar at the bottom of the Whirled browser and select "Trophies." A window will popup with the game's trophies; click on the blue "Publish..." button. You'll get a popup with a list of the trophies that you've won for the game. Click on one of them to publish it to Facebook.