Release Notes 2007-10-22

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  • Improved the "About Me" section of the profile; fixed up layout, added "Level", "Member since" and (optional) "Age", "Sex" and "Location"
  • Fancied up the comments UI which now displays profile pictures
  • Improved readability on the game detail trophies tab
  • Improved readability on the game detail rankings tabs and switch to showing the actual ranking instead of stars
  • Added a player list to the sidebar for games; this will be improved and made prettier in the next release
  • Standardized the game display to 700x500 at minimum, with the potential to be wider if a player has a wide browser, but never skinnier (if we can help it) nor taller
  • Added total number of friends to profile page (See All N Friends)
  • Made all thumbnails half thumbnail size and nixed the old full thumbnail size so that thumbnail images look better and we don't have to rely on browsers scaling
    • If you have items with images that seem to be too big, you can reupload the thumbnail image for those items and they will be properly scaled
  • Made a whole bunch of progress on AVR Games and the new Tutorial, both of which are still not yet ready for prime time
  • Fixed the problem with the world being tiny after shrinking and restoring it

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