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On the bottom right side of your Whirled browser, there is a notification bar that updates with a few different types of news items in various colors.

  • When you have new mail waiting upon login or when you get new mail while logged in. (orange)
  • Coin earnings and trophy wins from games (orange)
  • Multiplayer game invitations (blue)
  • Party invitations (blue)
  • Play this group's game links (blue)
  • Information about what song is playing in the room you just entered or unmuted (gray)
  • Friends that have just logged in (gray)
  • Status message changes of your friends (gray)
  • Notices of which Group chats you have muted by closing will give you this message: You have muted group chat from "<groupname>" for the remainder of this session, until you manually re-open the tab. (green)
  • Notices of recent Whirled updates and system reboots (green)

To view the notification history, click on the right arrow on the left of the bar. To stop viewing the notification history, click on the up arrow on the bottom left of the bar.