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If you're looking for information on how to send email inviting friends to Whirled, go to friend.

Whirled allows players to mail other players within Whirled. Along with messages, items may be mailed. Coins cannot be mailed.

Viewing Mail

Coins bars level mail logout bar.png

To view your mail, click on the envelope icon with the number next to it in the upper right part of your screen.

In your mail screen, unread messages will be highlighted in blue. Read messages will be on a white background.
Mail messages will have all the related mails that were sent via Reply or Follow up... buttons.

Sending Mail

To mail another player, you can use:

  • The "Send mail" link on your Friends tab
  • The "Send Mail" link on a player's profile
  • Reply to a received mail in Me → Mail

Requesting that another player becomes your friend will also automatically mail them a short message.

There is currently no way to send a mail to more than one person at a time.

Replying to a message.

Sending Items in Mail

Main article: Gift
Stuff-My Avatars-Avatar viewer.png

To send an item in a mail, view the item in your Stuff tab. Click on the Send as Gift link and you will be able to select a Friend to send it to.

Tips about Sending Items

  • Once you hit Send on the mail with the item, you cannot undo it. Sending an item will remove it from your Stuff and you will not be able to use it any more.
  • You cannot send items that are currently in use. Make sure the item is not in use or you will get an error message saying "In use items cannot be sent as gifts."
  • You can only send items to players that are your Friends.
  • If you send an original uploaded item instead of a copy, the receiver will be able to list that item in the store. In your Stuff tab when browsing pages of items, the names of originals have italic text. In the item details of originals, there is a line that says "You can list this item in the shop: List Item" above the gifting information.
  • When receiving an item as a gift, viewing the mail multiple times will not add more than one of the item to your stuff.

Deleting Mail

You can delete more than one mail at a time.

In your inbox you can use the individual checkboxes to select the mails you would like to delete or you can use the "Select All" checkbox at the bottom of the screen. Afterward, click on the "Delete Selected" button at the bottom.