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Welcome fans of Whirled! Do you have your own external fan page of Whirled, such as a website, blog, or forum, and need some new users? Post your link here along with the description!

Fan sites allow users across Whirled to open up and become more of a community together and connect more personally. They may also consist of guides to certain games, making money, making friends, making groups, or just about anything else Whirled related!

Player Created Websites

  • Shazbot'n Forums by Shazbotn
    • Shazbot'n is mainly a Wyvern group on Whirled, but has expanded and been known for many things. It's doors to the forums (in game) have been shut down because of spammers, but the owner (Shaz) has created an official forum outside of Whirled! The forum users there will get the first notice of updates that will happen with Shazbot'n!
  • Mechtropolis by Giro
    • Mechtropolis is also a group based on the game "Wyvern", Now it grew into online gaming community for all alike. The website was designed to help and communicate with other around the World/Whirled with there gaming needs or wanting to past time by.


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