Release Notes 2008-03-25

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  • Finally added an intro movie to the landing page (no more "coming soon").
  • Changed the flow icon to something that looks like coins; we'll probably tweak this more later.
  • Moved the avatar viewer controls to the bottom so that tall avatars don't block them.
  • Added support for complaining about other players (along with a whole raft of customer support tools that hopefully no one will have to experience because their customer experience will be a shining example of awesomeness). We'll be adding more sophisticated ways to deal with annoying people in the future.
  • Added a loading progress display when games are loading.
  • Changed the chat keyboard shortcuts: F7/F8 switch tabs and F9 toggles history.
  • Disabled "click anywhere in the client to go back to world." Now you have to click the close box to go back to the world, but you can move around and do things in the skinny little world while you're looking at the catalog or doing something else.
  • Various other bug fixes and tiny tweaks that are too technical or minuscule to mention.

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