Release Notes 2007-09-21

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  • Brought the new My Whirled/Whirledwide dichotomy to the fore. Whirledwide is currently in progress. Both pages should be more informative than the previous green landscape that they replaced. If you simply cannot be without your green-pasturey goodness, you can still visit that page at
  • Catalog searches are now case-insensitive, and will do a better job at partial matches.
  • Catalog detail pages now show the total number of purchases for that item.
  • A new Catalog sorting option has been added: Sort by number of purchases.
  • Catalog Item Commenting! There is now a comment area at the bottom of every catalog item, hopefully lending some context to the item's rating.
  • Distinguished single and multi-player game ratings.
  • Fixed leveling up/down weirdness.

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