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Flex Builder can be used to construct avatars, toys, etc for Whirled. This wiki page shows where to grab all the appropriate software components to help get you started with Whirled and the Linux Flex Builder. Please note that you may also use the free Flex SDK to create things for Whirled using your existing development environment.

An important note

Flex Builder comes with a library of user-interface components, collectively called the Flex Framework. It is important to note that the Flex Framework UI components do not work in Whirled, due to limitations with the framework that prevent the components from working inside a security boundary, and Whirled loads all user-created content into security boundaries for obvious reasons. Hopefully someday Adobe will fix this problem. Until then, it is simply a matter of avoiding using any of the mx.controls or mx.containers classes.


  • Java JRE should already be installed. Version 5 recommended.
  • Linux Flex Builder (alpha): This includes Flex 3.0.0 and 2.0.1 SDKs and the Flash standalone player and debug version of the Flash plugin. The latest alpha will expire in about 118 days (as of April 19, 2008).
  • Eclipse 3.3 or better
  • Get the latest Whirled SDK.

Windows/MacOS X

Windows and MacOS X platforms have a Flex Builder 3 application waiting for use. Please zip over to Adobe - Flex 3 for more information.

  • Installation instructions for Flex Builder Windows. The Windows trial is currently set for 60-days after first use after installation. Full license is $US249.00.


Installation can be completed in any directory. In this example, we will assume you are going to install this in $HOME.


  • cd $HOME
  • gzip -dc eclipse-SDK-3.3-linux-gtk.tar.gz | tar xf -
  • This will create an eclipse directory. The path is $HOME/eclipse. You will need this for the Linux Builder.

Linux Builder

  • Either add execute permission to the download or run sh.
  • sh flexbuilder_linux_install_a1_100207.bin
  • It will guide you through an installation GUI.
    • You will need the path to eclipse.
    • It will install the Flash debug versions of the standalone player and plugin.
  • This will create a directory called Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux

Whirled SDK

  • unzip whirled_sdk_0.19.zip
  • This unpacks to a directory called whirled

First Project

  • cd Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux
  • ./Adobe_Flex_builder.sh
  • By default, the workspace is $HOME/workspace. This can be changed to whirled.
  • For Whirled, the typical application is an ActionScript project.
    • File -> New -> Flex -> ActionScript Project. Enter a new Project name. At this point, you can select the Flex SDK version you wish to use (2.0.1 or 3.0.0). By default 3.0.0 is used.
  • Use HelloWhirled as the Project name for this example.
  • Save the project. OOPS! We have errors?

LFB Hello Whirled 1.png

  • Tell the Project about the Whirled SDK. Until a more permanent solution can be found, you need to add the Whirled SDK to all new projects.
    • Project -> Properties LFB Project Properties.png
    • On the left, select ActionScript Build Path. Then click on the Library path tab on top of the middle window. On the right, click on add Add SWC Folder... button.
    • In the pop up, include the Whirled SDK path plus /dist. (See example above)
  • Close all the dialogs and the project should update and the red Xs vanish.


Under Run, you can select Run. Although this is an ActionScript project, the only way to run in this version of the Flex builder is to choose Flex Application.

In Firefox, this should be the result: LFB Hello Whirled 2.png

Debug version

By default, when you save the project, it will automatically build a swf file. These swf files are built with debugging turned on. This will cause problems for folks in Whirled when your avatar loads.

A future Debugging tutorial is in the works.

Release version

To create a version of the swf file that does not have debugging turned on, use the Export Release Version button or option under Project. Then, upload that swf file to Whirled.


Now you're ready to push on with other tutorials with the Linux Flex Builder.