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Players can upload videos to play in rooms.

This feature is not supported in


Currently, the only formats supported for videos in the Whirled are YouTube and FLV (Flash Video). In the future, we plan to integrate (in some security-conscious way) the FFmpeg tool so that users can upload any video type, and we'll be able to convert it to FLV for them (which is how all video will be played within Whirled).

For YouTube videos, you will need the YouTube video ID and the video needs to have embedding enabled to work.

The main advantage of FLV is that Whirled can contain a nifty YouTube-esque video player that will do a better job of streaming the video, as well as provide controls for pausing, seeking, etc.

FLV videos tend to be lower quality, but much smaller file size than other video formats. Therefore, even when Whirled does allow upload of several video formats, it will be faster for users on slower connections to convert the video themselves before uploading it.

Converting Videos to FLV

There is a Windows-only FLV Encoder called Riva VX that is free.

If you're not running windows, and/or want to be a little more adventurous, the FFmpeg tool is capable of converting just about anything you want to make it think is a video into an FLV. It is pretty widely used, and the FFmpeg page has a list of other projects that use it, some of which include GUIs.

If you get the command-line tool working, you can quickly convert any supported video type to an FLV (without fancy options for resampled resolution or audio bitrate), with this command:

<actionscript>ffmpeg -i <input video> <output.flv></actionscript>


  1. This feature has been removed for now.


  1. Choose Stuff -> Videos to see the videos you own.
  2. Click the name or icon of the video you want to list in the shop.
  3. Click the List Item button to bring up the shop listing interface.
    Items in the shop must have a description.
    1. Item Description: The listed text will appear in the shop on the item's details page.
    2. Initial Rating: The initial rating you give your item will determine the minimum pricing and listing fee. Read about it in detail here.
    3. Branding: You can sell the item under a brand in order to share profits with all of the brand shareholders. This is for use with group creation projects. Read about it in detail here.
    4. Strategy: This setting determines the item pricing strategy. The options are Hidden, Manual (default), Escalate, and Limited Edition. Each option is described to the right when selected.
    5. Sales Target: This field appears only when Escalate or Limited Edition option selected for Strategy.
    6. Currency: This lets you choose to list your item for coins (creators receive coins) or bars (creators receive bling).
    7. Cost: This number determines the initial cost of your listed video.
  4. Click List it! to add your video in the shop, ready for purchase.

You can learn more about listing items by reading the list article which includes information on what is and is not allowed.