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Uploading your game to the Whirled

  1. Choose Games -> My Games to see the games you have uploaded.
  2. Click the Create button to get the game uploading interface.
    The game uploading interface.
    1. Select an appropriate Game Type.
    2. Under Game Name, type the name of your game.
    3. Under Thumbnail Media, click Browse..., and select your image file. This thumbnail is used to represent the game in My Games.
    4. Under Client Code, click Browse..., and select your .swf file in the file system browser that appears. When the file has finished uploading, you should see a SWF id show up (e.g. 031c99dbf403923daad884fb562bd7f0d83d555x.swf) in the Client Code section.
    5. Confirm that you own the copyrights to the item or have authorization to upload it.
    6. Click on the Save button and your browser will switch to the Edit Game interface where you can configure your game.

There is also an article describing the options for games in more detail.

To test play your game to make sure the upload worked, click on it, and then click on Play.

Games can be deleted by editing them in Games → My Games.

Playing/Testing with other people

After you have uploaded your game, it only exists in your inventory, and you're the only one who has access to it. If you'd like to play with other people (why else would you make a multi-player game?), then you need to create a launcher (see the selling section below) and put it somewhere that other people have access to. This is where your room comes into play.

If you go and edit your room, you can add your game launcher as a piece of furniture. Once it's in your room, anybody that visits your room and clicks on the launcher will be able to play the game! If you only want to play test with your friends, lock the room to be friends only.

If you are secretly testing a multiplayer game, make sure that your avatar stays in a private room because there will be an icon over the avatar saying 'join my game' and anyone can click on that.

Setting your creation loose

Once you've confirmed that your game works, there is one last step to publish it on Whirled.

  1. Choose Games → My Games to see the Games you own.
  2. Click the name or icon of the game you want to allow the public to play.
  3. Select the "Publish" tab. Click on the "Publish" button.
    The Publish tab of a published game.
  4. Select the "Info" tab. Change the genre from "Hidden" to the appropriate genre.
    Games-Edit Game-Info.png
  5. Click on the Save button.

Once it's fully published, as long as you have incorporated the high-scores API, you should be able to see your game in the Games tab.

After you publish a game, be sure to check back to read the comments on your game and watch discussions if you have associated a Group with your game. Whirled players will often give you extremely valuable feedback on how to improve your game and better take advantage of all of Whirled's unique features.

Selling your game

After you've added your game to the Games tab, you may want to create a launcher so that people can buy it in the shop and play your game from their own room.

  1. Choose Games → My Games to see the Games you own.
  2. Click the name or icon of the game you want to make a launcher for.
  3. Select the "Launchers" tab.
  4. Click on the "Create" button to get the launcher creation interface.
    Launcher interface.
    1. Click on the Name field and enter a name for your launcher. The name should be something that players can easily recognize as being for your game.
    2. Click Upload a new file in Furniture Media and find the image or SWF file for your launcher. This is what will be seen in the room when a player adds it there.
    3. Click Upload a new file in Thumbnail Media and find the bitmap (png, jpg or gif; max. 80x60) file for your launcher's icon. This will be shown in the shop and in the Stuff tab of players who have the launcher.
    4. Click on the Description field and enter a description of your launcher. This is only required if you plan to sell it in the shop.
    5. Confirm that you own the copyrights to the item or have authorization to upload it.
  5. You can then click on Save to put your launcher in your inventory for use.

When you've finished creating your launcher, you can list it for sale in the shop:

  1. Choose Stuff -> Launchers to see the launchers you own.
  2. Click the name or icon of the launcher you want to list in the shop.
  3. Click the List Item button to bring up the shop listing interface.
    Items in the shop must have a description.
    1. Item Description: The listed text will appear in the shop on the item's details page.
    2. Initial Rating: The initial rating you give your item will determine the minimum pricing and listing fee. Read about it in detail here.
    3. Branding: You can sell the item under a brand in order to share profits with all of the brand shareholders. This is for use with group creation projects. Read about it in detail here.
    4. Strategy: This setting determines the item pricing strategy. The options are Hidden, Manual (default), Escalate, and Limited Edition. Each option is described to the right when selected.
    5. Sales Target: This field appears only when Escalate or Limited Edition option selected for Strategy.
    6. Currency: This lets you choose to list your item for coins (creators receive coins) or bars (creators receive bling).
    7. Cost: This number determines the initial cost of your listed launcher.
  4. Click List it! to add your launcher in the shop, ready for purchase.

You can learn more about listing items by reading the list article which includes information on what is and is not allowed.

Updating your game

Nobody gets everything right the first time. In the course of developing your game, you're likely to have many version for fixing bugs and introducing new features. Fortunately, updating your game is very simple.

  • Choose Games → My Games to see the Games you own.
  • Simply click on Edit for the game you want to edit.
  • Click on the "Code" tab, Browse in the Client Code section, and locate the swf file on your local computer.
  • Click on Save and your new game version will be ready for testing in as the development version.

If you've listed your game in the shop, updates of this nature will not affect it there. The game that is in the shop is a completely separate copy. In order to update the public playable version, edit your game, go to the "Publish" tab and click on the Publish button.