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Toys are interactive items you can put in rooms to play with. They can be purchased from the shop for coins or bars.

How to Get and Use a Toy

  1. Depending on where your toy is, there are different options: Add to room, Take from room, and Move to room.
    Choose Shop → Toy to see a list of all the toys available.
  2. Click on the toys to take a closer look and read the descriptions of toys. Look around until you find one you like and buy it! If you don't have enough coins yet, play some games to earn enough.
  3. To play with your new toy, choose Stuff → Toy and click the the little house to put it in your room. You can only put toys in rooms that you can edit.
  4. Click the close box to close your inventory and return to your room.
  5. The room will be in editing mode. Learn how to resize and rearrange your new toy here.

If you don't have enough to buy the toy you want in the shop, you can purchase bars or play games for coins until you have enough.

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