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A tag is a keyword that can be assigned to an item listed on the Shop or to a Group. It describes the item or Whirled and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Because tags are searchable by all players, they should conform to some guidelines in addition to Whirled's Community Standards and Terms of Service. Shop tags can be added and removed by the item's creator and experienced players, while Whirled group tags may only be edited by a Whirled's manager.



  • Assign tags that accurately and simply describe what you are tagging.
  • Add tags that will make it easier for other players to find what they are looking for.
  • Use correct spelling.
  • Keep the number of tags you assign to any one Shop item reasonable; huge tag lists can be overwhelming.
  • Feel free to remove tags that break these guidelines.

Do Not:

  • Use misleading or inaccurate tags.
  • Use one-word tags to create a phrase or sentence in the tag list.
  • Assign swear words, obscenities, or abusive/harassing language as tags.
  • Tag with spam, nonsense words, or disruptive text.
  • Reveal personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, real names, postal addresses.
  • Promote illegal conduct.
  • Assign tags that refer to issues such as legal/copyright actions and support actions/appeals that are best resolved directly with Three Rings.
  • Remove tags that do not break these guidelines.


Tags help Whirled's players find Shop items and Groups quickly and easily. In order to make the search process efficient and accurate, it's best to keep the tags themselves efficient and accurate. Tags should only be used to describe the characteristics of an item, and not to describe your opinions. Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure!

Good Tags

Good tags are words that describe the color, shape, actions, theme, and other true properties of the item. For example, a red ball toy that bounces could be tagged with:

  • red
  • ball
  • round
  • bounce
  • toy
  • animated

Some more examples of good tags can be found here.

Bad Tags

Some bad tags for the bouncing red ball toy example would be:

  • blue (inaccurate, because the ball is red)
  • this, is, lame (using individual tags to create a phrase in the tag list just clutters up other people's searches)
  • asdfgghasdhf (a nonsense word, and it clutters up the tag space)
  • stolen (You should encourage a stolen item's creator to send a report about it instead.)

Singular vs. Plural

Using singular words as tags is preferable, except in cases where a plural makes sense. Tagging a piece of furniture that depicts a single flower with "flowers" instead of "flower" wouldn't make sense, but tagging a basket of flowers as "flowers" would.

Tagging Problematic Shop Listings

Sometimes you may wish to use a tag to alert other players to a problematic listing in the Shop, such as a game that fails to load or an avatar that's described as having actions but that is really just an plain image. Some tags you may wish to use in these cases are:

  • static or static_image (for unanimated images in categories where players might expect to see animated things)
  • non_functional (for games that fail to load from the very start, or that are completely unplayable--see Games and Toys policy in the "See Also" section below)
  • inaccurate (for items with description text that is misleading about what the item actually is and does)

Remember that items which break the Terms of Service or Community Standards should be reported to an Agent so that they get evaluated.

Adding a Tag

To add a tag, type the tag you want to add in the tag text box, and hit Enter. You can make multiple-word tags by using underscores between the words instead of spaces, e.g., to tag something as "non functional" use "non_functional".

Type in the tag you want to add, then hit the Enter key to submit it.

Removing a Tag

To remove a tag, click on it and select "Remove Tag." You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the tag.

Click on a tag, and select "Remove Tag" to remove it.
Confirmation is required for tag removal.

Due to some database lag, it may take a while for your tag removal to take effect.

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