Release Notes 2008-03-19

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  • Prettied up the main Whirleds page
  • Added various fine print to the bottom of the landing page
  • Added a welcome page which is shown to users when they register
  • Modified world client to not download MP3s at all if your Whirled volume is set to 0
  • Nixed first item free policy, modified the tutorial to tell the user to go play games if they don't have the funds to continue
  • Made the tutorial (yet) more robust in the face of users clicking the wrong thing, veering off the trodden path or otherwise coloring outside the lines
  • A bunch of CSS and HTML fixes to hopefully make things work better on IE and Safari
  • Fixed a problem with pet memories not being saved
  • Added icons for the various forum message actions so that they don't take up oodles of horizontal space
  • Added a fancy dialog shown to guests who earn flow suggesting that they register so that they can keep that flow
  • Removed the "Featured Game" banner on IE since it cause more trouble than it's worth
  • Added a percentage complete display to the decor loading indicator
  • Changed the name of the currency: flow is now coins; welcome to the new Whirled order
  • Pets should now remember where they've been let out and return there when the server reboots
  • Broke the new "Type here to chat" display; I'll fix it again in an update later today

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