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Rating is a fast and easy way to give feedback on an item listed in the Shop. This feedback helps to determine which items will be featured prominently on the Shop page, and on each of the Shop category pages.

How to Rate Items

Rating an Item

Rating interface unrated.png

To rate an item, go to the item in the Shop and find the rating interface underneath the item's testing area. The stars under the word "Rating:" are the current average rating for the item, and the blank stars under the words "Rate it!" are where you can submit your own rating. If you hover your mouse pointer over the rating stars in the Shop, you can see what each star means:

  • 1 star = "Awful"
  • 2 stars = "Poor"
  • 3 stars = "Average"
  • 4 stars = "Good"
  • 5 stars = "Excellent"

Click the star that best describes what you think of the item. Your rating will now be factored in to the average rating for that item.

Please note that while you can look at an item from your Stuff tab and rate it, that rating rating will not be counted toward that item's overall rating average. To have your rating counted, the rating must be submitted from the item's Shop entry. This issue will be addressed in a future release.

Changing a Rating

Rating interface.png

To change your rating on an item, just click on the desired star rating under the word "Yours:". The new rating will replace your old one.

Rating Etiquette

Rating averages should be a meaningful gauge of how much Whirled players like an item. To this end, here are some for the criteria on which ratings are to be based:


  • Base your ratings on the quality of an item and how much you enjoy the item. Is it well made? Beautiful? Useful? Uninspiring? Unoriginal? Rate accordingly.
  • Rate as many items as you please.
  • Feel free to come back to an item and give it a different rating if your opinion of it has changed.

Do Not:

  • Base your rating on your feelings about an item's creator.
  • Rate based on the cost of the item, or whether you have to pay for additional content.
  • Use rating as a way to try to game the Shop. (For example, rating everyone's items with one star in order to try to propel an item you created to the top of the New and Hot list.) Doing so can result in disciplinary action, up to and including a ban.

How to Rate Comments

You can rate comments in the shop by clicking on thumbs up (I like this.) or thumbs down (I don't like this!). If a comment has a score of 5 or higher, it will be highlighted in green text. If a comment has a score of -5 or less, it is not automatically shown.

Rating comments in the comments section when viewing listed items in the shop.

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