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Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates (Y!PP) is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) game created by Three Rings.

It is available online as a download.

About the Game

Puzzle Pirates is a Massively Multiplayer Game produced by Three Rings Design, Inc. It features a uniquely piratey-themed, puzzle-powered environment, wherein players sail ships, have swordfights, chat, pillage, plunder, and generally have a piratey good time.

In addition to its numerous puzzles, Y!PP also features a vibrant community, both in game, and on the game forums. There are also frequent events held both in game and on the forums, by players and Ocean Masters alike.

Y!PP is free to play, on both the subscription and doubloon oceans; on subscription oceans, players must subscribe to unlock many features, and on doubloon oceans, doubloons can be purchased either for real money, or in game money (pieces of eight). Although the game world features pirates, the game is flavored more with merry drink-it-all-in buccaneers, rather than cutthroat rapscallions.

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