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Pet names are white.

Pets are interactive roaming items. They can be purchased from the shop for coins or bars. You can tell when something is a pet because its name is white.

How to Get and Use a Pet

Depending on where your pet is, there are different options: Add to room, Take from room, and Move to room.

Pets can follow you around or live in your room and be there even when you aren't.

  1. Choose Shop → Pet to find a cute new friend.
  2. Click on one you like and buy it! If you don't have enough coins yet, play some games to earn enough.
  3. To add your new pet to the room, choose Stuff → Pet and click the the little house next to "Add to room" to put it in the room.
  4. Your pet will now follow you around from room to room. You can only have one pet following you at a time.
The right click pet menu.

Your pet has a few commands that appear if you click on it.

  • Order to stay - The pet will stop following you and remain in that room.
  • Order to follow - The pet will follow you from room to room.
  • Send home - The pet will go back to your home room.
  • Send to sleep - The pet will go back into your inventory until you click on add to room again.

Pets can also have special actions such as repeating things you say. Creators generally mention any special actions in the pet's description in the shop.

If you don't have enough to buy the pet you want in the shop, you can purchase bars or play games for coins until you have enough.

How to Rename a Pet

Pets can be renamed, by going into Stuff → Pets, selecting the pet you wish to rename, and clicking the rename button.

Rename pet 1.png Rename pet 2.png

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