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If you are looking for information on stamping or marking items & rooms, see Create Whirleds.
See your whole Passport to figure out what stamps you have earned and which ones you can work on. You can also click on a link in your Passport to see your medals.

Your Whirled Passport keeps track of the stamps that you earn by doing certain activities and medals that you have received from groups. When you earn stamps, you also get coins as a reward. The higher level of stamp, the more coins you earn for the stamp.

To view your Passport, click on the My Passport link in your Me tab (located under People Online Now in the upper right).

The default view is of your Passport Stamps. There are four categories of stamps: Mingle, Play, Create, and Shop. Earning certain stamps unlocks new stamps for you to work on. Click on the Go! button to work on getting a stamp.

Click on the Group Medals link to view your medals.

You can see your friends' Passports when you view their profiles in your friends tab and will see what stamps they have recently earned in My News. You will only see the orange progress bar on your own Passport.