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Music is one of the items that can be added to Whirled by players. It needs to be in mp3 format to be usable.


  1. Choose Stuff -> Music to see the music you own.
  2. Scroll down to the "How do I get stuff?" section.
    Click "Upload" to bring up the interface.
  3. Click the Upload... button to get the music uploading interface.
    The music uploading interface's Main tab.
    1. Click on the Name field and enter a name to identify your music.
    2. Click Browse in Audio Media and find the mp3 file for your music. A red bar will show your uploading progress. Once the music is uploaded an icon will appear in the Audio Media rectangle. You will not be able to Save your music until it is done uploading.
    3. Click on the Description field and enter a description of your music. (optional)
    4. Confirm that you own the copyrights to the item or have authorization to upload it.
    5. Click on the Extras tab.
      The music uploading interface's Extras tab.
    6. Click Browse in Thumbnail Media and find the bitmap (png, jpg or gif) file for your music's icon. (max. 80x60)
  4. Click Save to put your song in your inventory for use.

Buying and Selling


You can also browse the "Music" category in the Shop and buy what you like. You can listen to the entire song before you buy.

You can also list your music files for others to buy.

Note: Most commercially distributed music comes with restrictive copyright licenses. Please do not list such songs unless you own the rights to them.

Background Music in Rooms

The song that is currently playing is bolded. Click on the song name to get a menu with: View music item info, Report music item, and Bleep music item. If the music is not available in the shop, you will not be able to view its information page. Hoovering over the song name will reveal a popup that indicates who added the song to the playlist. The blue rectangle and red X boxes in the playlist only show up if you are able to edit the room.

You can add background music to rooms just like you add furniture.

In the room, click the "Edit room" button, then "Add item" to bring up My Stuff from the Me tab. Select "Music", find the song you want, and click the little house icon that says "Add to room".

Me-song item.png

Anyone may add a song to a room's playlist. Room owners or managers of group rooms are able to remove music from rooms (red X box) and switch to playing a different song (blue rectangle box). A maximum of 99 songs may be added to a room's playlist.

Players can click on the Room icon Icon-room control.png in the control bar and select the Icon-song.png View room playlist option to view information about the song currently playing in the room and see the songs in the room's playlist. The note does not appear if your volume was muted when you entered the room. The information shown is taken from the mp3's embedded ID3 information, not from the information typed in when the song is uploaded to Whirled.

Issues with Music in a Room

If there are issues with a room due to the music, all you need to do is to mute your Whirled browser's volume. With the volume muted, the browser does not load the mp3 at all. You can then go into the room and remove the music if you can edit the room or you can get the room URL to send along with a description of the issue to the Agents via the Help link's Contact Us option.

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