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The Me tab.

The Me tab contains links and information having to do with you. Information on stuff in your inventory can be found in the Stuff tab.


The default page shown in the Me tab is "Me." This contains some basic information about your Friends online and News. There are also links to your Passport and Profile.

My News

The news shows information about what's happening in Whirled and what your friends are doing today and what they did yesterday. This includes:

  • Whirled & Group Announcements
  • Comments
  • Friendings
  • New Shop Listings
  • Group Discussion Posts
  • Game Trophies
  • Updated Rooms
  • Passport Stamps
  • Group Medals
  • Levelling

My Friends Online

This shows your online friends and what rooms they're in. Click a friend to go visit them. If the room the friend is in is locked, you won't go anywhere. If a friend's name is orange, they are busy playing a game.

Above the list of online friends is the total number of players currently online.

Friendly People

Below your Friends Online, there is a list of Friendly People who automatically accept friend requests.

You can toggle your Friendly status by editing your profile. In order to become a Friendly Person, you must be at least Level 10 and have more than 20 friends.

It is possible to lose the privilege of being a friendly person due to bad behavior.

My Profile

Main article: Profile

Your profile contains customizable information about the player in and out of Whirled.

My Passport

Main article: Passport

Your Whirled Passport has stamps representing some of your achievements in Whirled and medals you have received from groups.


Main article: Room

This is a clickable list of all the rooms that you own. It does not include rooms that you manage for Groups.


Main article: Friends

When you click on Friends, you will get a list of your friends. First is an alphabetical list of friends that are currently on. Next are the rest of your friends listed in chronological order by who was more recently logged on.


For each friend you will see:

  • Their thumbnail photo if they have selected one for their profile
  • Name
  • Status
  • Location in Whirled with a link so you can join them
  • Send mail link
  • Visit home link
  • Remove friend link


This following account information can be viewed or edited:

  • Permaname - This is a name that will be permanently associated with your account. Friends will always be able to find your profile by searching for your permaname if they know what it is. Choose carefully because once you select a permaname, you cannot change it. Your permaname is also used to log into the wiki to edit pages.
  • Email Address - Update your email address and check on your email validation status. Friends will always be able to find your profile by searching for your email address if they know what it is.
  • Email Preferences - This is for email about in Whirled mail and Whirled announcements. The messages will come from Whirled Mailbot <[email protected]>.
  • Real Name - Friends will be able to find your profile by searching for your name if you have filled it in. It will never be displayed publicly.
  • Password - Change your password.
  • Charities - Whenever you make a purchase in Whirled, a donation will be made to the charity of your choice. You can select the charity below. Selecting Random Charity will automatically select from one of these charities at random.
  • Facebook Connect - Connect your Whirled and Facebook accounts.

You can also delete your account by entering in your password in the "Delete Account" section. You will then need to confirm the account deletion via email. Account deletion is permanent. There is no way for your account to be recovered after it has been deleted, even by an Agent. Also, any items you have listed in the shop will remain there after your account is deleted, so delist anything you do not want to leave up in the shop.


Main article: Mail

Coins bars level mail logout bar.png

You can access your mail by clicking on the mail icon.

If you have new mail, the number next to your mail icon (Icon mail.png) will show the number of unread messages that you have waiting.

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