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You can gift any item in your Stuff tab or one of your rooms to a person in your friends list by mailing it to them.

Stuff-My Avatars-Avatar viewer.png

Important Notes about Sending Items and Rooms

  • Once you hit the "Send" button on the mail with the item, you cannot undo it. Sending an item removes it from your Stuff and you will not be able to use it any more.
  • You cannot send items that are currently in use--that is, already added to a room, or being worn as an avatar. If you try sending an item that is in use, you will get an error message saying "In use items cannot be sent as gifts."
  • You cannot send the room that you have set as your home. If you try sending a room that is set as your home, you will get an error message saying "Sorry, but you may not give your home room as a gift."
  • When gifting a room, any items that have been added to the room that are owned by you will also be transferred to the receiver.
  • You can only send gifts to players that are your Friends.
  • Be careful: If you send the original version of an item instead of a copy that you purchased in the Shop, the receiver will be able to list that item for sale. You can tell if an item is an original:
    • In your Stuff tab when browsing pages of items, the names of originals have italic text.
    • In the item details of originals, there is a line that says "You can list this item in the shop: List Item" above the gifting information.
  • When receiving an item as a gift, viewing the mail multiple times will not add more than one of the item to your Stuff.

How to Send an Item

To send an item:

  1. Click on the item in your Stuff tab.
  2. Click on the Send as Gift link.
  3. Select the Friend to whom you want to send your gift.
  4. Add a subject line and a message to your gift mail!
  5. Click the "Send" button.
  6. Click on a button to answer the question: NOTE: You are sending this item to Guppymomma as a gift. Whirled does not support trades or loans between players. Please do not give away any item that you would regret losing permanently. Do you want to continue?

Your gift will then be sent to your friend as mail, and when they open it, the item you sent will be added to their Stuff tab.

Whirled does not support trades or loans between players. Do not give away any item that you would regret losing permanently.

How to Send a Room

You can now gift rooms to friends!

  1. Go to your Me tab → My Rooms.
    My Rooms.
  2. Find the room that you want to gift to a friend and click on the underlined room name (not the thumbnail picture). This will take you to the room's detail page.
    Room details screen.
  3. Click on the orange "Gift this room" button.
  4. This will take you to a mail message with that room attached as a gift. Use the dropdown menu to select the name of the friend you wish to give the room to, add a subject and some text in the message body.
    Room gifting mail message.
  5. When you are ready, click on send. Remember that you cannot undo gifting a room and that gifting a room transfers ownership of the room and any objects that you own that are place in it to the receiver.