Game Developer Bonus Bling Pool

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The Game Developer Bonus Bling Pool was Whirled's way of rewarding game developers for creating awesome games.

Each month Three Rings would set aside a pool of money, which was set at $10,000. This pool was divided up each day according to hours of gameplay a game got on Whirled. So, the more popular your game wass, the more bling you could have earnt. Your game needed to be integrated with the Whirled API and award coins in order for it to qualify for the Bling Pool.

A transactions line from the Bling Pool Program.

Don't forget that you can monetize your game by selling game related avatars and game packs, by embedding your game out via our affiliate program.

Games that were not actually games (i.e. gift item dispensers) were be marked as ineligible for the Bling Pool by Agents.