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Galleries are listed in chronological order by the date they were created. If a gallery does not have an image selected for its thumbnail, the default will be used as shown for "Second Gallery" in this image.

You can arrange your images in galleries. An image may be included in more than one gallery.

View All Galleries

The Galleries section of a profile. The "Create Gallery" link is only there if you are viewing your own profile.

In order to view all of your galleries, go to Me → My Profile. Scroll down to the Galleries section.

When you view a gallery, you also get links to view it as a slideshow, view a list of all of your galleries, edit the gallery, and delete the gallery (a popup window will ask you to confirm this action.)

Click on any gallery and on the gallery viewing page, there will be a "View All Galleries" link.

Create a Gallery

The create gallery screen.

You can access the Create Gallery link from your profile page or the bottom of the images page in your Stuff tab.

  1. Click on the "New Gallery" text to give your gallery a title.
  2. Click on the "<enter description>" text to give your gallery a longer description. (optional)
  3. Drag an image to the thumbnail spot to the left of the text to select an image to represent the whole gallery. This image will be shown on your profile page in the galleries section along with the title of your gallery. (optional)
  4. Drag your images into the blue area to add them to the gallery or drag them out of the blue area to remove them from the gallery. You can also upload more photos by using the link on the page.
  5. Click on OK and your gallery will be created.

Photos of Me

If you would like a link under your profile picture to "Photos of Me," just view your profile and click on "Add photos" under your profile picture. This will automatically create a "Photos of Me" linked gallery. See the instructions about on editing your gallery.

If you have already created that gallery, you can click on the "Photos of Me" link to edit the gallery. See the instructions about on editing your gallery.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs do not always animate in the preview list in the gallery because resizing removes the animation. GIFs of up to approximately 320 x 320 pixels will have animated previews, but GIFs above that pixel size will not. Note this is an approximate size and you should check your animated GIF previews to see if they are working correctly.