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Facebook Connect allows you to link your Whirled account to your Facebook account.

Once you're linked, you can log into Whirled using your Facebook account by using the "Connect with Facebook" button on the logon page. You'll be able to easily post news items to your feed about trophies you have won.

If you do not yet have a Whirled account, you can use the "Connect with Facebook" button to create a Whirled account using your Facebook credentials.

Future Features

  1. Whirled will automatically find your Facebook Friends who have accounts and make them your friend on Whirled. As of Template:Release there is no feedback in your feed etc. to indicate which new friends you have made this way, but we will fix this shortly.
  2. You will be able to invite Facebook Friends to Whirled.
  3. If we can work the correct magic, Whirled will post additional news and events to Facebook.

How to Connect your Whirled Account to your Facebook Account

  1. Log into Whirled.
  2. Go to the Me tab and select the "Account" link on the right side of the blue bar.
  3. Scroll down to the "Facebook Connect" section at the end and click the Facebook button.
    Facebook Connect.png
  4. A popup window will appear with a Facebook webpage for you to fill in your Facebook email address and password.
    Facebook Connect-popup.png
  5. After you finish, your accounts will be connected.
    Facebook Connect-connected.png

How to Disconnect your Facebook Account from your Whirled Account

  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Go to the bottom of the page, click on Applications, and select Edit.
    Facebook Connect-disconnect-edit applications.png
  3. In your list of applications, use the drop down menu to view your Authorized applications, find the line with "Whirled" on it and click on the X at the end of that line.
    Facebook Connect-disconnect-authorized applications.png
  4. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the removal of your Whirled connection.
    Facebook Connect-disconnect-remove whirled.png
  5. After you confirm it, your accounts will no longer be linked. Currently there is a bug in Whirled where the Facebook Connect section of your Account information will still think you are connected. You can connect to a Facebook account using the trophy sharing popup.

How to Publish Trophies on Facebook

After you exit a game where you just won one or more trophies, you will get a popup asking you if you would like to publish them to your Facebook feed:

Facebook-Publish Your Trophies.png

If you haven't connected your Whirled account to your Facebook account with Facebook Connect, you will get a popup asking you to either confirm your Facebook identity (shows up if you are logged into Facebook) or logon to Facebook.

Facebook Connect-popup.png

A published trophy in Facebook looks like this:

Cleaver shows off his Vampire Whirled trophy on Facebook.

You can also publish trophies to Facebook while playing a game. Just click on the game icon in the bar at the bottom of the Whirled browser and select "Trophies." A window will popup with the game's trophies; click on the blue "Publish..." button. You'll get a popup with a list of the trophies that you've won for the game. Click on one of them to publish it to Facebook.

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