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Whirled games are developed in ActionScript 3 (AS3) either using the standalone compiler or the Flash 9 Authoring Tool. This documentation assumes a working knowledge of these technologies, but resources are listed below to learn more about Flash and ActionScript.

Getting Started

For the basics of integrating a single player game with Whirled, start here:

For the all the juicy details, check out our API overview:

Then check out more detailed documentation and tutorials below.


Whirled APIs


There are also numerous paper books available on the subject.


Code Examples

Learning by example is the easiest way, so make sure to check out our many game examples on our SVN server. Please note that in order to reduce the size of the SDK download, some of our bigger games, such as UnderWhirledDrift and treehouse defense, sit under a different directory.

Development Tools

Icon-Flash.png Adobe Flash CS

Adobe Flash CS3 is the tool our art department uses to make games. (Adobe's Flash page)
Flash CS3 Game Tutorial

Icon-Programming.png AS3

Standalone AS3 is targeted more at programmers. AS3 is totally FREE!
Hello Whirled Tutorial

Note that while Whirled uses the free Flex SDK and the optional Flex Builder as an IDE, Whirled does not support Flex components or MXML.

Writing a Server class for your game

Starting with SDK 0.33, Whirled supports the running of ActionScript server agents for your game. This is more complex to code, but benefits include:

  • Consolidation of logic for multi-player games
  • Lower latency
  • More robust in the face of unreliable browsers

You can follow this tutorial to make your first server based game.

AVR games

Main article: AVR game

AVRGs are games that take place in Whirled rooms.


Have you created/ported a game for Whirled? We would love to get your feedback on your experience.

Media Resources

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