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Furniture is any kind of object you can put in your room to decorate it. From chairs and tables to fireflies and planets, furniture comes in a limitless variety, from static images to the furniture that shows photos, movies, and are interactive.

Follow the tutorials below for both step-by-step guides to the basics of Furniture creation and helpful techniques for more advanced creators.

To arrange the furniture in your room, edit your room.

Getting Started

The simplest way to make your own unique furniture is to buy a remixable piece of furniture. Another method is to upload an simple image as a piece of funiture (tutorial below). If you want to try your hand at some programming, you can make also make interactive furniture (known as toys) either in Adobe Flash CS3 or in standalone AS3.


To make a simple furniture object for your room:

  1. Create an image of the object*, with transparency (24-bit pngs are usually best). If working in Photoshop, use File > Save for Web and choose PNG 24-bit with transparency. Make sure that you have cropped the object closely to the edges.
  2. Go to Stuff -> Furniture
  3. Scroll down to the "How do I get stuff?" section.
    Click "Upload" to bring up the interface.
  4. Click the Upload... button to get the furniture uploading interface.
    Furniture uploading interface.
    1. Click on the Name field and enter a name for your furniture.
    2. Click Browse in Furniture Media and find the image or SWF file for your furniture.
    3. Change the Hot Spot to alter the pixel offset from the upper left of the furniture image to the point where the furniture connects to the floor. Leave it at (0, 0) for the default which is to put the hotspot at the bottom center of the furniture image.
    4. Click Browse in Thumbnail Media and find the bitmap (png, jpg or gif; max. 80x60) file for your furniture's icon. This should be done if your furniture is a .swf file.
    5. Click on the Description field and enter a description of your furniture. This is only required if you plan to sell it in the shop.
    6. Confirm that you own the copyrights to the item or have authorization to upload it.

This will allow you to use the furniture item. If you want to make changes for the item, click on the item in Stuff and select 'Edit'. When your changes are complete click "Update Listing" to update all copies of the object including in the shop if it is listed.

*See the list of useful programs for some suggestions for image editors if you don't already have one.


  1. Choose Stuff -> Furniture to see the furniture you own.
  2. Click the name or icon of the furniture you want to list in the shop.
  3. Click the List Item button to bring up the shop listing interface.
    Items in the shop must have a description.
    1. Item Description: The listed text will appear in the shop on the item's details page.
    2. Initial Rating: The initial rating you give your item will determine the minimum pricing and listing fee. Read about it in detail here.
    3. Branding: You can sell the item under a brand in order to share profits with all of the brand shareholders. This is for use with group creation projects. Read about it in detail here.
    4. Attribution: You can also attribute your item, giving credit for the original work. This will affect your listing currency and minimum price. Read about it in detail here.
    5. Strategy: This setting determines the item pricing strategy. The options are Hidden, Manual (default), Escalate, and Limited Edition. Each option is described to the right when selected.
    6. Sales Target: This field appears only when Escalate or Limited Edition option selected for Strategy.
    7. Currency: This lets you choose to list your item for coins (creators receive coins) or bars (creators receive bling).
    8. Cost: This number determines the initial cost of your listed furniture.
  4. Click List it! to add your furniture in the shop, ready for purchase.

You can learn more about listing items by reading the list article which includes information on what is and is not allowed.

Advanced Furniture