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A Club Whirled member with a star by his name standing next to a non-member.

Club Whirled was Whirled's subscription plan. This was an entirely optional subscription that for $4.95 each month gaves players a number of benefits. Club Whirled was discontinued on May 31, 2012.[1] Players who had Club Whirled at the time of its discontinuation will continue to have stars by their names. There is no way for additional players to receive the star by their name.

Some frequently asked questions are answered here.

Discontinued Benefits

Club Whirled members get stars next to their names and are first in room & game occupant lists.
  • 45 bars every month, paid on the day of the month when you first subscribed (not the 1st of the month)
  • A limited edition item only for Club Whirled members. These items will be created by Three Rings and commissioned from Whirled creators. The first is the very special Club Whirled Tofu made by ooo artist Nemo. These will usually be issued on the first of the month, but may sometimes be a little delayed.
  • Create parties for free
  • Spread your message to the whole Whirled with /broadcast -- non-members are unable to use this command
  • Your name listed at the top of all rooms and games
  • A Icon-Club Whirled.png star next to your name
  • Your item favorites, along with those of your fellow subscribers, will be taken into account for the front page of the shop
  • The ability to add and remove tags on shop items
  • Access to certain new Whirled features before everyone else

NOTE: If you have lost the privilege of being able to broadcast due to Terms of Service violations, joining Club Whirled will NOT restore your ability to broadcast.


Club Whirled was added with Template:Release and discontinued on May 31, 2012.

Permanent Club Whirled

When Cleaver announced the addition of Club Whirled, he also wrote, "As a small thank you we have given free Club Whirled memberships to alpha testers who are active as of this post, and creators who have sold over a certain threshold of bar-denominated items. Welcome to the Club!"

These members have a permanent Club Whirled subscription without the bar benefits. Additional permanent Club Whirled memberships will not be given out for creators reaching the same bling threshold.

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