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To block someone, click on them and select "Block player."

The block feature allows you to prevent another player from chatting with you, bleeps their avatar and any of their pets. The blocked person will still be able to see what you and other people around them say. The block will last until you unblock them. No notification of the block is sent to a player who has been blocked or unblocked.

You can block for any reason, as blocking someone only affects what you can see, and it has no effect on the blocked player's ability to interact in Whirled. If the player has been breaking Whirled's Terms of Service or Community Standards with their chat in addition to annoying you enough to block them, you may wish to report them as well.

To block a player, you can click on:

  • the player in a room, OR
  • the player's blue name link from something they have said in chat, OR
  • the player's name in a room occupants list OR
  • the "Block" button on Whirled mail from that player

Click on the player avatar or name you wish to block, and select the "Block player" option. To unblock, click on the blocked player (or their name) and select the "Unblock player" option.

The names of everyone you currently have blocked can be seen on your blocklist, accessible from your Me tab. Those players will remain on your blocklist unless you unblock them, either by clicking on their names in a room occupants list or by using the link next to their entry in your blocklist.

You cannot block Agents or Three Rings developers.

Go to Me tab → My blocklist to see who you currently have blocked. You can unblock players from your blocklist.
You can also get a menu that includes the Block option by left clicking on a player's name link in chat.
A blocked player's avatar is automatically replaced with a static image.


Prior to Template:Release blocking did not persist after closing your Whirled session and the command was called mute.

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