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The bleep feature allows Whirled players to control what items they see in a Whirled room. To bleep an item, right click on it and select the bleep option from the menu. Bleeping an item causes it to change into a generic bleeped graphic for the player who bleeped it. This works for room backgrounds, avatars, pets, furniture, toys, images, and music. Bleeped items remain bleeped until you unbleep them by right clicking on the item's bleeped graphic and selecting the unbleep option.

Bleeping does not change an item's appearance for other players. Some reasons for bleeping include:

  • Reducing lag caused by animated items
  • Getting rid of huge avatars that block the rest of the room
  • Avoiding content that is annoying but does not break Whirled's Community Standards or Terms of Service, or is not offensive enough to report
Avatars can be bleeped from the normal menu that appears when you click on them. You can also get the same menu by clicking on their name when room occupants list is visible above your chat.
Right clicking on an item to bleep it.
How an item appears after it is bleeped.


You can now bleep everything in a room by using /bleepall and then you can unbleep everything by using /bleepall again. While using /bleepall, you cannot individually unbleep items.

Issues with Bleeping

If a room is using a backdrop that is an animated SWF file, it can get in the way of being able to get the bleep and report menu items when right clicking on an item. If you can't bleep items in a room, you can use the method detailed below instead.

Bleeping Items in a Room

You can also bleep furniture, toys, launchers, images, videos, and backdrops in a room by clicking on the Room icon Icon-room control.png in the control bar and selecting the "View items" option. A popup will appear with a list of the items present in the room. Using the popup you can see a list of the item names and usage in the room (backdrop, doorway, game, furniture). There are clickable buttons to view items available in the store or bleep and unbleep them.

Room-items in this room.png

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