Bella Bingo

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Bella Bingo
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Template:Infobox game/players/whirledwhirledBingo for fashionistas!

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Current version:
Development Team: Capital-T-Tim; Art by Brittney

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Bella Bingo is a bingo game based on fashion images and terms. It is a Whirled room based game. All the players playing in the same room will be in a multiplayer game. Players in a different room will be in a different multiplayer game. Leaving the room will end your game.

You must have more than one player for the game to award coins for wins.


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Game-Bella Bingo-instructions2.png

You can click to highlight any items that match the word that shows up.
When you have a full row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), the Bingo! button will light up for you to click.
First player to click on Bingo! wins the game.