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If you're looking for themed Whirleds that are associated with groups, go to Whirled (themed).

Whirled is a web-based virtual world for player-created avatars, rooms, games and other stuff. It was a project of Three Rings taken over by Whirled Club.

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Whirled Information

Whirled logo.png

Copyright © 2007 - 2010 Three Rings Design, Inc.


Engineering: Michael Bayne, Ray Greenwell, Par Winzell, Nathan Curtis, Robert Zubek, Mark Johnson, Tim Conkling, Andrzej Kapolka, Robin Barooah, Jamie Doornbos, Sarah Collins, Matthew Jensen, Kyle Sampson, Bruno Garcia, Mike Thomas, David Hoover

Art: Jon Demos, Brittney Lee, Bill Robinson, Rick Keagy, Ian McConville, Nick Popovich, Kate Lui, Sean Keeton

Infrastructure Engineering: Landon Fuller, Jonathan Le Plastrier, Jayme Cox, Nick Barkas

Customer Support Operatives: Agents

Hand-waving: Daniel James

What is Whirled?

  • Whirled is a web-based social network combined with a virtual world, in which you, the player, can contribute and sell new avatars, room backdrops, music, pets and games.
  • Each player has a room of their own to decorate and hang out chatting with friends. You can build out additional rooms. Most web content can be embedded in your room, including video and music.
  • Groups allow collaboration with other players around shared interests, with shared group rooms, and built-in Discussion forums.
  • Any player can easily upload and begin playing with avatars, furniture, games, music and more.
  • Creators can post their offerings to the Shop where they are rated, tagged, and offered for sale to the global Whirled audience.

What is the Whirled business model

  • Whirled is free to play. Content will be purchased with a mix of the two in-game currencies, coins and bars.
  • When a creator lists an item in the Shop for bars, the hard currency, they will receive their profit in bling, which can be cashed out for U.S. dollars.

Technical Specs for Whirled

  • Built in Flash 9 and Ajax, using Google's web toolkit (GWT), Whirled runs entirely in the web-browser and has no download and install requirements.
  • Whirled has been tested to run on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on IE7, Firefox 2 & 3, and Safari. It runs best on Firefox 3 (beta). Browsers must have Flash Player installed and JavaScript enabled.
  • Whirled extends Three Rings' proven server-side architecture used for Puzzle Pirates and Bang! Howdy.

Roll-out Plans

  • On March 25, 2008 Whirled entered public beta after just over a year of Alpha testing on First Whirled with an invite-only audience.
  • On October 15, 2008 Bars (cash currency) and Bling were added.
  • On July 2, 2009 Club Whirled subscriptions were added.
  • Official 'Launch' will take place when we feel like the Whirled, the economic model, and notably the creator APIs are fairly stable.

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