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If you are looking to test and sell a game, go to uploading games.

The following describes the process we've developed for testing and selling objects. Please note that we're open to changing the process to help content creators - comments on the forums would be appreciated. :)

Shop and inventory objects


When you first upload your file - whether it's an avatar, backdrop, or a piece of furniture - it will first show up in your inventory. In there, you have one instance that you can place anywhere in the Whirled. Games are different than other items, for more information check uploading games.

When you update a copy in your inventory, the instance you placed in the Whirled will change automatically.


Once you're happy with your object, you can list it in the Shop. Listing an item enables others to purchase it using coins or bars. The creator earns a percentage from sales of the object, currently 30%. You can learn more about bars, coins and your sale percentages on the currency page.

Please make sure your item functions appropriately before you list it! If it is a toy, it should have interactive features and not just be a static image. Non-functioning games and toys are subject to delisting from the Shop by Agents, as are any items that break the Community Standards or Terms of Service.

The Upload-Edit-Publish cycle

Given this setup, here is the cycle we recommend (and use ourselves) for object authoring:

  1. If this object is built for a group or a brand (e.g. Underwhirled Drift), you can place the instance inside the group's hall. You can also place an instance in your room. Or if it's something like an avatar, you don't have to place it anywhere.
  2. As the object is being debugged and altered, it should stay in your inventory. This way, every time you update it, the instance placed in the Whirled will be updated as well and you can work with it until you are ready to publish it.
  3. When the object is ready to be published, list it in the shop and select a pricing strategy. Once you do that, you will be able to update the item from your Inventory.