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A room is a location in Whirled where player avatars can walk around. All rooms have backdrops and room owners can edit the room to add items such as pets, toys, and furniture.

Rooms are linked to other rooms by doors. Doors can be created from furniture by editing the room and selecting the furniture to be used as a door. During this process, a new room can be created. Currently new rooms cost 1 bar or 10,000 coins. Rooms cannot be deleted at this time.

You can find a list of your rooms by going to the Me tab and clicking on the Rooms link.

Room Buttons

In a room, there are various buttons along the bottom of the screen in a control bar that allows you to do different things.

  • Icon-chat options.png Chat options. See the chat article for detailed information.
  • Icon-volume.png Volume. A slider bar for adjusting the sound volume will appear if you click on this button.
  • Icon-go.png Go... Clicking on this will show a menu with options to visit friends, go to recently visited rooms, view a list of games, and go home.
  • Icon-friend list.png Friends list. Clicking on this will show a popup of friends online. Clicking on their names will allow you to chat with them, go to the room they are in, or view their profile.
  • Icon-parties.png Parties! Create or join a party.
  • Icon-share or embed.png Share or embed the room on a web page. Different options will be available in a popup if you click this button. See the share this room article for detailed information.
  • Icon-room control.png Room. Clicking on this will show a menu with options involving the room.
    • Icon-edit room.png Edit room. If you are the room owner or are a manager of the Whirled that owns the room, you can edit the room. This is also where you can lock your room. See the edit your room article for detailed information.
    • View items - Gives you a list of all the items in a room. The list does not include avatars or pets.
    • Icon-room comment.png View and add comments about the room.
    • Icon-snapshot.png Take a snapshot of the room. After you click the icon, you will get a popup window with a snapshot preview and various options.
    • Icon-song.png View the song playlist of the room you are in if there are songs in the room.
    • Icon-zoom.png Zoom room view. A slider bar for zooming in & out on the room view will appear if you click this button. Zooming only works for rooms that scroll because they are larger than your screen.
  • Icon-clickable furniture.png Clickable furniture. Holding your mouse over this button shows all the clickable, glowing furniture in the room. A green glow means the furniture will take you to another room. An orange glow means the furniture will take you to an in-Whirled link such as the shop or a discussion thread. A white glow means the furniture will take you to a game.

If you are playing a Whirled room based game, there may also be an icon to view the game options.

Creating a New Room

New rooms cost 1 bar or 10,000 coins to create.

  1. Go to Me -> My Rooms.
  2. Click once on either the bar or coin payment button to create your new room.
    Me-My Rooms.png
  3. A new room named Home will be added to your list of rooms.

Things in a Room

This is a basic starting room that Whirled players get when they create an account. To find out more about how these and other items can be changed in a room, read the edit your room article. You can explore this room here.

You can find the following things in a room:

  • A backdrop
  • Furniture
    • Some furniture has animation actions that happen when you click on it.
    • Some furniture has the ability to change color if you click on it.
    • Some furniture glows when your mouse is over it, showing that you can click on it to go somewhere or see something. A green glow means the furniture is a door that will take you to another room. An orange glow means the furniture will open a new browser tab with a link such as the wiki or an outside website.
  • Game launchers
    • All games launchers glow white when your mouse is over it and will allow you to play a game if you click on it.
  • Players with avatars
  • Pets
  • Toys
    • Some toys are activated by clicking on them.
    • Some toys work when you move your mouse over them.
    • Some toys allow you to type messages on them.
  • Music
    • Music is not visible in a room, it is only heard and plays repeatedly in a room.
  • Videos and images

You can view a list of all the furniture, toys, launchers, images, videos, and backdrops in a room by clicking on the Room icon Icon-room control.png in the control bar and selecting the "View items" option. A popup will appear with a list of the items present in the room. Using the popup you can see a list of the item names and usage in the room (backdrop, doorway, furniture, game). There are clickable buttons to view items available in the store or bleep and unbleep them.

Room-items in this room.png

Name Colors

Name colors.png

Player names come in four colors:

  • Blue - normal player name color
  • Peach - player has logged out and a clone has been left to greet players coming into the room (this feature is under development)
  • Gray with Zzz's - player is idle
  • Yellow - player has set their /away message to show that they may be busy away from the keyboard

Players may be playing an AVR game and will have an icon over their name. Club Whirled subscribers will have a star in front of their names.

White names are always pets.

Previously Visited Rooms

The Recent scenes menu.

Use the Icon-go.png Go... icon in the control bar at the bottom of your screen to go back to rooms you visited recently, go home, go to group halls or to visit friends that are currently online.

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