Release Notes 2009-03-05

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What's In a Name? Template:Release notes/start Update early, update often, that's how we roll here at OOO HQ. A couple of goodies for you today:

  • Clicking on someone's name in chat messages will pop up a menu that you can use to invite them to be your friend, mute them, complain about them, etc.
  • Added some friendly tips to encourage people to find out about all of Whirled's features, like sharing! (Caveat: these might be a little aggressive right now and we'll tone them back. Blame Gyre.)
  • Moved the Active and Hot rooms back to the top of the Rooms page.
  • Fixed some problems with formatting (mostly URLs) in chat messages.

Over and out!


  • The Me page was broken, which we eventually fixed on the second attempt. Yay!
  • A feature snuck in between the time we did the first release and the time we fixed the Me page bug: Whirled Announcements now shows up in everyone's My Discussions page

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