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Template:Pricing/Creator rating To list an item for sale in the Shop, you must first decide upon a price for it. Whirled has some pricing procedures and automatic price minimums, as well as a small listing fee, that you should take into consideration when listing your item.

When listing an item, you must first give it a rating in the listing dialog box. Your rating of the item, combined with the type of item you are listing, determines its minimum price. The minimum price of the item is also the amount of the listing fee that you will pay when clicking on the "List it!" button. The table to the right shows the minimum price and listing fee amounts for each item category for Creator ratings from one to five stars.

The initial rating by the Creator cannot be changed after listing the item. It may be changed if the item is delisted and then relisted.

The fees and minimum pricing only affect items when you list them. Uploading items to your own Stuff tab is still free.

Pricing Considerations

This is the pricing dialog you get when you click the "List Item" link on an item's page in your Stuff tab.

Let's say you have created an item and you want to list on the Shop. You cannot re-rate it later, so consider carefully! You have some decisions to make regarding price. You could:

  • Rate your item with five stars, pay the corresponding listing fee and get it into the New and Hot list on the Shop with all the other five star rated items.
  • Rate it low, so that you can list it and sell it cheaply, but not rocket it to the top of the shop charts.
  • Rate and price according to how good you think it is compared to other items of its kind on the Shop.

You are encouraged to rate and price according to the quality of your item, as that is how other Whirled players will be judging it anyway.

Listing Fees

  • The minimum price for an item and its listing fee are the same number of coins.
  • Listing fees are not refundable.
  • If you list your item in bars, your listing fee will still be in coins.

The Effects of Other Players' Ratings

Template:Pricing/Community rating Once you have listed your item, other players may rate it as they choose as usual in the Shop. This will not cause any automatic repricing of your item, but it will change the minimum pricing for your item if you ever reprice it. For example:

  • If you rated your item high, and other players disagree--perhaps they think it qualifies for fewer stars based on their perceptions of its quality--then your item's rating in the Shop will go down. When this happens, the minimum pricing for your item also drops, and if you wish, you may lower the price down to the new minimum. You may also leave the item at the same price, and it will not automatically go down.
  • If you rated your item low, and other players love it and rate it up, the next time you reprice the item you will have to use the new, higher minimum price.

The table to the right shows the repricing minimums for items that have been rated by players and therefore may have half-star ratings.

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