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This is the Whirled portal for artists. Whirled is a great place for artists. They create the visual content for other players to use and enjoy. As creators, they earn a percentage of the proceeds from sales of items they list for sale in the shop, currently 30%. If an item is listed in coins, the profit comes back to the creator in coins. If an item is listed in bars, the profit comes back to the creator in bling, which can be cashed out for U.S. dollars.

Artists can immediately dive into Whirled by simply uploading their work as backdrops and static furniture to use in rooms. Or they can incorporate their work into remixable items purchased at the shop. Those aren't the only items that can use artwork. All Whirled items can incorporate visuals: avatars, furniture, backdrops, toys, pets, games, images, music, and videos! By learning some simple coding or using Flash, artists can learn how to make their work into anything they can dream up. Or they can team up with coders and other folks to create something as a group.

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