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You can invite people to be your friends. Anyone that has accepted a friend request from you will be listed in your profile. Information about friends can be accessed in the Me tab.

Finding and Inviting Players to be your Friend

You can click on the avatar of someone in the same room to invite them to be your friend.

If you already know someone that has a Whirled account or you think someone you know has one, you can try searching for their profile in the friends section of the Me tab by using their permaname, email address, Whirled name, or real name. Then click on "Add as Friend" and a popup will let you customize the message they receive from you.

If you don't know anyone that plays Whirled, you can search for people with the same interests as you and invite them to be your friend by clicking on "Add as Friend." Also, you can meet other players in rooms, through discussions in Groups, and by playing games with others. When you find a new friend this way, either look up their profile or click on their avatar and select "Invite to be your friend." Adding a friend by the avatar clicking route does not allow you to customize your message and you simply get a notice that "Your friend request was successfully mailed." The default mail text is "Let's be buddies!"

When your friend request is accepted, that person will be listed on your profile as a friend and you will be listed on their profile as a friend. Being friends also makes it easier for you to invite each other to play multiplayer games together and find & join them in a room when they are online.

The different options for friending that show up on profile pages.

The status of a Whirled friend request is now saved. On someone's profile page, you can see which of the four states your relationship is in

  • Not friends (no requests sent)
  • Pending request to you
  • Pending request by you
  • Friends (request accepted)

You can retract or confirm friend requests using profile pages. You cannot send a friend request if one is already pending

Step by Step Instructions on Adding Friends

  1. Choose Me → Friends to start connecting up with your friends.
  2. Type in a friend's real name, email address or Whirled (display) name and click Search to find their Profile. Hint: If you play other games such as Puzzle Pirates or Bang! Howdy, you may find that friends from those games have used the same name in Whirled.
  3. Click on their name to view their profile page.
  4. Click Send Mail to send them a mail in Whirled or click Invite to be Your Friend to add them to your Friends list.
  5. It's easy to meet new people in Whirled too, especially with Groups. Choose Groups to see the wide range of friendly Whirled communities. Groups which currently contain other players may be found and entered by scrolling through "Featured Groups" under the Groups tab.

Batch Friend Requests

After hanging out in a room or playing a game, you may be asked if you want to befriend the people you were with.

Batch friend request after leaving a game.
Batch friend request after leaving a room.
After selecting people you'd like to befriend and clicking the "Invite" button, you will get a blue message in your notification bar that the invitations have been sent.

Invite Friends to Join Whirled

The Invite Friends interface.

If you'd like to invite friends to join Whirled, go to the Me tab, select the Friends link in the blue bar and click on the orange "Invite Them!" button.

For email invitations, you can import addresses from your email account if you use:

Bullet.png MSN Hotmail

Bullet.png Yahoo Bullet.png Gmail Bullet.png AOL Bullet.png Lycos Bullet.png RediffMail

Bullet.png .Mac

Bullet.png Bullet.png FastMail.FM Bullet.png Bullet.png

The invitation email will come from a server. The standard text of the email looks like this:





You have been invited to join Whirled, the exciting player-created online
world of games, chat and endless adventure.

Enter Whirled here:

-- The Keepers of the Peas

If your friends join through your email invitation links, they will automatically be added as your friend.