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Whirled has a set of Community Standards to which players must adhere. These standards are a basic summary of what is outlined in Whirled's Terms of Service. For the full legalese, read the Terms of Service. These Communtiy Standards will continue to evolve in cooperation with the player and creator community.

Unacceptable Behavior

There are certain behaviors that are unacceptable and will lead to being banned from the service. They are as follows;

  • Intolerance: offensive or aggressive behavior towards individuals or groups based on their race, sexual orientation, sex, political or religious beliefs. Whirled is a place for radical inclusion and tolerance of others.
  • Harassment: there is no place in Whirled for deliberately harassing other players, either by being offensive or by 'stalking' them, sending repeated requests or chat messages, etc.
  • Spamming: repeated text of any kind is unacceptable, including demands to 'Be my friend' or 'Play this game'.
  • Scamming: attempting to trick people into revealing their account information or personal information (i.e., phishing, collecting information for illegal purposes, etc.) is unacceptable.
  • Indecency: offensive language and uploading offensive content (see below) is not supported in Whirled. You must exercise good judgement about what the people with you find offensive, and if in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • Griefing: deliberately interfering with other players' Whirled experience, through technical or other methods.
  • Content theft: stealing or "ripping" the creations of others, either for your own personal use or for distribution on or off Whirled Club, without the permission of the original creator. We make an exception if the creator has been inactive for over a year and has not specified against uploading their work; however the creations must still be correctly attributed and not sold for bars. For more detail, see Whirled Club's content copying and derivation policy.
  • Ban evasion: creating a new account, or using an existing alternate account, to evade a ban or temporary suspension.
  • Exploits: attempting to exploit Whirled Club systems, features or bugs for any reason other than the intended use.
  • Breaking any U.S. law: "in real life" laws still apply in Whirled.

Whirled.Club does not monitor or censor uploaded content

Players of Whirled Club should note that Whirled.Club as a matter of policy does not monitor or censor content uploaded to the service. We do, however, react to reports from players with respect to offensive content and behaviour, and follow requests from copyright owners according to our DMCA Policy to remove content that infringes copyright.

Whirled.Club is rated PG-13 and Mature Content is Unsupported

Whirled Club is investigating how we might support Mature content and limit access to it appropriately, but at present such features are not in place. Whirled and all its public areas should be considered to have a PG-13 'Parental Guidance' rating.

  • Listing of Mature content in the Shop is not supported and if reported, such a listing will be removed. Penalties for listing such material can range from warnings up to and including permanent account bans.
  • Displaying uploaded Mature content in any public area of the Whirled, including your private rooms, is not supported.

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