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These are all frequently asked questions that relate to bars and Whirled's billing system. For information on coins, bars, and bling, read the currency page.

What are bars?

Bars are used, as an alternative to coins, to purchase items in the Whirled Shop. To get bars, click the golden bar picture in the upper right hand corner of your Whirled window and use the "Buy Bars!" button, or use the "Get bars!" link from any item in the Shop. This will take you to the Whirled billing page. For more information on bars, please see the currency page.

How do I get bars?


Paypal is currently our only dedicated source for payments. We may expand this in the future.

pay using PayPal in our automated billing system, and your account will be instantly credited following payment.

Offers and Surveys

We do not currently offer bar rewards from completed surveys or offers.

Game Cards

We do not currently accept game cards.

What appears on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show a billing for 'Whirled Club' via PayPal.

I live outside the US, how should I pay?

Your non-US credit cards should work fine if it is a VISA, MasterCard,American Express or any other accepted card or bank by PayPal Alternatively, use one of the other payment options listed above.

Other Methods (Cash, Debit Cards, Splash Plastic, etc.)?

We do not currently support any other form of payment than PayPal

What are the bar prices?

When paying with PayPal our bar prices are as follows:

Bars are priced as follows:

  • 20 Bars = $3.99
  • 150 Bars = $19.99
  • 500 Bars = $49.99

Problems with Payments

Please email [email protected] with any related questions. Thanks and sorry to put you to the trouble.

My credit card was declined, but it still got charged?!

Actually, your Credit Card has not been charged if it was declined. However, some banks (your bank; it has nothing to do with our bank or credit card processing procedures) place a hold on funds when an authorization is requested even though they have declined the charge. This apparently happens more often with ATM / Debit Cards. The funds are then released again after a few days, when the bank realizes that actually no charge was placed (which is unsurprising, as they denied it).

We are completely perplexed by this behavior, but according to our bank it is commonplace and there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it. Our apologies. If this happens to you we suggest you use another payment mechanism such as PayPal or a check (see above).

I paid using PayPal and my Account is not yet activated.

We have to process PayPal payments and mail payments by hand, so they may take a while to get to. Please be patient. If you have sent a check and desperately want Bars, you can ask an Agent to check on it.

Billing Inquiries

Where should I send billing inquiries?

If you find that none of the above entries answer your question, please email billing inquiries to [email protected] Please include as much information about your inquiry as possible so we can better assist you. Thanks!

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